About me

I am a Principal Privacy Architect @ HERE Technologies Technologies, working on location privacy and anonymization.

HERE’s business is about the creation of data-driven location-based services from a variety of location data. In my research I develop privacy-enhancing algorithms that reduce the privacy risk for the data producer, i.e. the end user, associated with the publication of location-data and with location-based services.

My work tackles two problems: The first problem is the measurement of privacy risk associated with different use cases, which involve different kinds of location data and location-based services, the second problem is the development and validation of privacy-enhancing algorithms for specific use cases.



In 2018, I completed a doctorate @ ETH Zürich under the supervision of Prof. Dirk Helbing

In my research, I look at the interaction between intelligent entities, be they humans beings, animals or smart devices, and I study them from two perspectives:
First, I study the effect of individual learning on the patterns of interaction, hence on the population-level behavior, and vice-versa. Second, I apply this knowledge to design new patterns of interactions and communication protocols that improve social aspects, such as privacy, discrimination and inequality.

I take a multi-disciplinary approach at the intersection between the social sciences and computer science. My methodology is based on three pillars: computer simulations, machine learning and data analysis.

If you want to know more about my research, visit the Research page